Acer Aspire One A110L BIOS v3.114

New Acer Aspire One BIOS is out to download here.

The BIOS will work for the A110 and the A150 models.

“Release notes. It appears C4, which is the Deeper Sleep mode of the Intel Atom, is now properly enabled.

Date : 2008/07/17
BIOS Version : v0.3114
EC Version : 3.1

1. Base on 3113, modify something as below.
1. Set C4 timing to 0×06.
2. Disable LAN device and host L0s and L1.
3. Enable PCIE break event.

1. Check if OS is XP, then
1. Set C4 timing to 0×0A.
2. Enable LAN device and host L0s and L1.
3. Disable PCIE break event.

1. Fix EC 4sec shutdown no function issue.”

If you have any questions about the new BIOS post on the message forum.

Thanks to macles for the release notes.