Windows 7 Beta and the Acer Aspire One 3G – It works, sorta

“Now, after finding out that the download limit was lifted, I instinctively hit the link for the download. After signing in with my Live ID, I was redirected to a page asking for some personal details. After filling out a few boxes and answering a few questions, I was taken to a page showing the activation key for this build. Wrote it down and saved it into my Outlook Address look and hit the download link. A download manager pops up to help you resume the 2gb+ ISO download. 3 hours later, I was busy copying the files over to a SDHC card and was eyeing my victim for this experiment, my Acer Aspire One.”

Painless Windows 7b install
Booting into Win XP, I proceeded to install a partition management program.  Because this was my on the go machine, I wanted to make sure that it would be operable and usable throughout this experiment. So, the safest option was to set up a dual boot configuration. 


After creating a second 60gb partion, I named it Win7 for easy identification. A reboot later, I slipped in the SDHC card containing the extracted files from the downloaded ISO image and proceeded with the install. The screen and installer look almost identical to Vista at this point. After chosing to go with a clean install on the new partion, the installer was autonomous and left me as a spectator. A half hour later, the final reboot and configuration screens passed, I was taken into the Windows 7 environment. I won’t go through Window 7’s features or the pros and cons (countless sites and blogs have covered this) but I’ll get straight to the point with my findings.

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