Acer Ferrari One – 11.6in Netbook Review

Most unusual, though, is support for ATI’s XGP technology. XGP, for those who don’t know or recall, was announced last year. On paper it’s a very cool technology, enabling the use of external graphics solutions to be connected via the propriety port. Since it uses its own port, XGP isn’t limited by the bandwidth of an ExpressCard slot like similar products.

Unfortunately, XGP has never really taken off and we can’t see the Ferrari One sparking any revival. Innovative as the technology might be, it really needs to be applied to something with more all-round abilities than a netbook-cum-affordable ultra-portable. Moreover, its presence, we assume due to the size of the port, means there’s no integrated HDMI port, which would prove more useful.

Particularly since the ATI integrated graphics is more than useless. Like the much hyped nVidia ION platform, it can decode 1080p video smoothly, with no dropped frames and minimal jitter. Depending on the source material it normally does this with around 50 to 60 per cent CPU utilisation, so it’s a shame you can’t stream audio and video to a TV or monitor through one cable, as an HDMI would allow.

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