About the Acer Aspire One A110

Acer Aspire One A110 - 1

“The Acer Aspire One is a mobile netbook that is designed for surfing the web, doing emails and messenger as well as basic computing functions like writing letters and doing simple spreadsheets. Featuring a 8.9 inch screen with built in webcam, 95% keyboard and intuitive interface the Aspire One A110 allows users to access their favourite communication programs right on the home screen to connect them to the web, email or chat on messenger within seconds of turning it on. The Aspire One has built in software that allows users to do everything from writing letters and doing basic spreadsheets to running a presentation. In the work section users can also access contacts list, a calculator and a notes pad. The Aspire One A110 comes in two choice of color: seashell white or sapphire blue. It supports connectivity options through wireless LAN, and features an array of interface that allows users to connect the device to a plethora of peripherals such as digital cameras, mobile phone, camcorder and much more. This is done via its 3 USB ports, VGA output and built in multicard reader.”

Operating System / Software
The Aspire One A110 comes with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system, Acer Launch Manager, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Acer eRecovery Management and McAfee Internet Security Suite (Trial).

Source: www.reviewheaven.net