Acer Aspire One 533 Review

 “Value is a tough call. There’s no denying that our review model’s £300 price (not to be confused with the £280 533-13Dk sporting the more common 1.66GHz Atom) is cheap when compared to current rivals that frequently sport lower specifications. However, we’re not convinced the extra performance or addition of Bluetooth 3.0 elevate it above netbooks around the £280 bracket, and Acer’s own D260 (review coming next week) can be had for just £230.

Inevitably, the 533’s 10.1in, glossy screen sports the same 1,024 x 600 resolution as most other netbooks, but it’s actually quite decent. Colours are convincing and black levels relatively deep. Sharpness is also excellent, aiding readability, and the backlight is consistent. Viewing angles are mediocre at best though, so be careful how you angle the display.”

front view

“Acer’s Aspire One 533 sets itself apart from other current-generation netbooks with a faster Atom CPU and Bluetooth 3.0, and surprisingly doesn’t charge extra for these privileges. However, these are still only incremental improvements rather than must-buy features, and there are cheaper alternatives.”

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