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Extended Battery (White 7800mAh) £59.99 + USA $131

Buy @ Amazon UK 7800mah battery or Amazon USA * High Quality & Low Priced Replacement Battery * Battery Type: Li-ion * Voltage: 11.1V * Capacity: 7800mAh * Warranty: 12 Months £59.99 UK $131 USA This is currently the strongest battery that is available for the Acer Aspire One – this battery will give you around 10hrs of use!

7200mAh battery ! – 8 hour use – Acer Aspire One

After market batteries for the Acer Aspire One are coming in thick and fast, prices from £45~ and are available on eBay now The more powerful replacement battery is the new 7200mAh that gives 8 hours of use! Pictures provide by a “feeble8” on our message forums

Acer Aspire One A150 in black with 6 cell battery

Acer will be launching the new A150 with a 6 cell battery (rated for 6hours use) and comes in black. The Aspire One A150 has three USB 2.0 ports, VGA output, audio in/out and dual memory card readers. It also has WiFi a/b/g and wired ethernet, and weighs 1.26kg with the new 6 cell battery. The expected price […]

Buy the extended Battery for ACER Aspire One White ZG5 UM08A73 6600mAh

Amazon marketplace seller is stocking the extended Battery for ACER Aspire One White ZG5 UM08A73 6600mAh – this battery will last run for 5hrs~ £49.98 Extended Battery for ACER Aspire One White ZG5 UM08A73 6600mAh

BIOS v3305 – Acer Aspire One – HP USB Boot Tool reports that there is a new BIOS out, and seems stable, reports on our forum state that the VGA BIOS gets updated plus extended battery life. Download from Acer or directly from our downloads page. You need to boot into DOS to flash the bios, you can do this by using a usb pen drive and the […]

Pictures of new Aspire One with a 6-cell battery!!

midgetdiablo on our message forum, has posted pictures of the Acer Aspire One with a 6 cell battery, also Windows XP has Service Pack 3 pre-installed. Pictures and details here Btw if your not a registered member yet of the message forum, where have you been 🙂 nearly on the 800th registered user !

Buy – 6-CELL 5200MAH Battery for Acer Aspire One

Online Canadian retailer NCIX seems to be one of the first shops selling the new 6 cell Acer Aspire One battery; available to order (1-2weeks)  Currently $111 (around £55) This battery is twice the par that comes with the standard Acer Aspire One netbook (3 cell); in theory this new 6 cell battery should achieve around 5-6hrs of […]