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Driver – increased speed for WiFi for the Acer Aspire One Windows XP

atheros (brand of the WiFi card used in the aspire one) has released a new wireless driver. Its on the sites download page now 🙂 It does seem to run online streaming videos a little better with this new driver. *note this driver was orginally found by running an automatic windows update through Windows XP, […]

Aspire One: Installing and Running Windows XP

Getting Windows XP installed, however, does not. I do not have an external CD/DVD reader (I’m the world’s worst geek, I collect old, outdated computer peripherals, not new ones that would actually be useful), so I needed to install Windows XP using an USB stick. You’d think that in 2008 this would be trivial, but […]

Update Windows XP / Vista drivers – Acer Aspire One

Acer has added a couple of new drivers on their ftp site – Launch Manager, and Lan_Realtek These are mainly for Windows XP, but alot of the drivers also work with Windows Vista. 07/24/2008 09:23AM 44,697,361 07/24/2008 09:23AM 8,082,184 07/24/2008 09:23AM 7,485,348 07/24/2008 09:23AM 3,363,335 07/24/2008 09:23AM 2,102,841 08/26/2008 08:15AM […]

Official Acer Aspire One XP drivers available for download

 Official Acer Aspire One XP Drivers 07/24/2008 09:23AM     44,697,361 07/24/2008 09:23AM      8,082,184 07/24/2008 09:23AM      7,485,348 07/24/2008 09:23AM      3,363,335 07/24/2008 09:23AM      2,102,841 07/24/2008 09:23AM      4,795,739 07/24/2008 09:23AM      6,677,838 07/24/2008 09:23AM     18,148,372 07/24/2008 09:23AM      3,754,859 Main link to the Acer FTP – here

Acer Aspire One Windows XP / Vista Drivers

I have uploaded the Acer Aspire One Windows XP Drivers here Chipset LAN WLAN Graphics Card Reader Audio

Acer Aspire one: An In-Depth Look

Laptop Mag has a good in-depth review of the Acer Aspire One, even though the system they where using was a pre-production model, it gives a good over sight of the running of the system. Also on their website, is a hands on video of the Acer Aspire One. Video. “Early Verdict: Good Value The […]