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Acer Aspire One Touch Screen addon – drivers – video

This video was created by one of our forum members; mcmasterp, who also uploaded the drivers for it as well.  (on the downloads page) thx. This touch screen addon can be bought from ebay – see my previous post for further info

ThinkFree office suite

ThinkFree, a company that specializes in “next-gen” office productivity solutions, announced Tuesday that it has launched its ThinkFree Netbook solution, which will deliver word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications for Netbooks running Intel’s Atom chipsets, like the Asus Eee PC or the Acer Aspire One. ThinkFree’s Netbook Edition is available for Windows XP, Vista, Linux, […]

BIOS v3305 – Acer Aspire One – HP USB Boot Tool reports that there is a new BIOS out, and seems stable, reports on our forum state that the VGA BIOS gets updated plus extended battery life. Download from Acer or directly from our downloads page. You need to boot into DOS to flash the bios, you can do this by using a usb pen drive and the […]

Driver – increased speed for WiFi for the Acer Aspire One Windows XP

atheros (brand of the WiFi card used in the aspire one) has released a new wireless driver. Its on the sites download page now 🙂 It does seem to run online streaming videos a little better with this new driver. *note this driver was orginally found by running an automatic windows update through Windows XP, […]

3G Driver – Aspire One (Windows)

Acer has released Windows drivers for the A150 today and they can be downloaded here. They are not really useful as no AA1s with built-in 3G are available yet, but they do reveal which 3G module will be used. There are actually two drivers included in the package. The first is for the internal Option […]

BIOS v3304 Acer Aspire One

Acer has released a new BIOS v3304 for the Aspire One. Download from Acer

Update Windows XP / Vista drivers – Acer Aspire One

Acer has added a couple of new drivers on their ftp site – Launch Manager, and Lan_Realtek These are mainly for Windows XP, but alot of the drivers also work with Windows Vista. 07/24/2008 09:23AM 44,697,361 07/24/2008 09:23AM 8,082,184 07/24/2008 09:23AM 7,485,348 07/24/2008 09:23AM 3,363,335 07/24/2008 09:23AM 2,102,841 08/26/2008 08:15AM […]

Acer Aspire One A110L BIOS v3.114

New Acer Aspire One BIOS is out to download here. The BIOS will work for the A110 and the A150 models. “Release notes. It appears C4, which is the Deeper Sleep mode of the Intel Atom, is now properly enabled. Date : 2008/07/17 BIOS Version : v0.3114 EC Version : 3.1 BIOS: 1. Base on 3113, modify something […]

Official Acer Aspire One XP drivers available for download

 Official Acer Aspire One XP Drivers 07/24/2008 09:23AM     44,697,361 07/24/2008 09:23AM      8,082,184 07/24/2008 09:23AM      7,485,348 07/24/2008 09:23AM      3,363,335 07/24/2008 09:23AM      2,102,841 07/24/2008 09:23AM      4,795,739 07/24/2008 09:23AM      6,677,838 07/24/2008 09:23AM     18,148,372 07/24/2008 09:23AM      3,754,859 Main link to the Acer FTP – here

Acer Aspire One Windows XP / Vista Drivers

I have uploaded the Acer Aspire One Windows XP Drivers here Chipset LAN WLAN Graphics Card Reader Audio